The 18 Holes

Hole 1

Mr. Fazio sets the tone early with a solid par 5 to start your round. This is a three shot hole for all but the long hitter. There is a premium on accuracy here from both the tee and on the lay up. This narrow green slopes from back to front.

Hole 2

A well hit drive down the right side of this fairway will give a better angle of approach to the green. Play your second shot to the front yardage as the green slopes away from you and from right to left.

Hole 3

Avoid the fairway bunkers from the tee and favour the left side of the fairway. There is room beyond the green but anything short and right will demand the best of your short game. Pay attention to the subtle nuances of this putting surface.

Hole 4

A great risk and reward par 4. When playing with the wind the longer hitter can reach this well guarded green. The left side of the fairway offers the best approach to this undulating and small putting surface.

Hole 5

The first of Coppinwood’s par 3 holes requires a well hit tee shot with a medium to long iron. There is room to the right of this green but finding the putting surface here is very important. 3 is a good score here.

Hole 6

A well hit drive may give you the opportunity to go for the green in two. Pay attention to your lay up yardage as the fairway bunkers are well placed to grab errant shots. Error on the short side with your approach as the fescue beyond the green makes for a difficult up and down. The green slopes from back to front.

Hole 7

The shortest and one of the prettiest holes at Coppinwood. This well guarded green requires a precise shot with a short to medium iron. This green site will test both your eyes and stroke.

Hole 8

Flirt with the large fairway bunker off the tee and you’ll have the best angle to attack the green. Play to the front yardage when approaching this saddle shaped green site. Guarded by a single bunker and some ingenious contouring this green offers the chance to use your imagination when chipping and putting.

Hole 9

Typically into the prevailing wind, this lengthy par 4 demands a well hit tee shot. Par is seldom made from the fairway bunkers on the left. This large undulating green will receive a well hit approach and there is a bail out on the right. Take your par and run to the back nine.

Hole 10

Length is less important than accuracy here. Hit the fairway and you can be aggressive on the second shot. If the flag is placed on the right side of the putting surface it’s wise to play to the center of the green. The right side is well guarded but is the flattest part of the green.

Hole 11

This beautiful green site is a natural amphitheater surrounded by a sea of golden fescue. The front of the green falls off to the right but there is lots of room over the green. The middle of the green is the target here regardless of pin placement.

Hole 12

Spectacular from tee to green, hole 12 is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque par 4’s in Canada. A well played tee shot into the valley will gather in the ‘speed slot’ and gain extra yards. The green appears suspended above the tree line but there is room beyond the putting surface. Anything short left makes for a difficult up and down. The putting surface is relatively flat and rewards a well hit approach.

Hole 13

The long views from the tee make this relatively short par 5 appear much longer than its yardage. Drive to the left side of the fairway and you will pick up a few extra yards. The second shot is not long but demands precision if you want to get home in two. The two tiered green is deep so pay attention to your pin sheet.

Hole 14

Driver is not required here but you may be tempted to go for the green when the hole is playing down wind. Place your tee shot on the right side of the fairway to give yourself the more accessible line to the pin. The green is small and undulating and requires a precise second shot if you want to make a birdie.

Hole 15

A drive down the left will follow the contours and maximize yardage. The lay up is more generous than it appears and the further left you go, the more accessible the green becomes. Use the left to right contour of the green to your advantage on your third shot and birdie becomes a distinct possibility.

Hole 16

Club selection is difficult here as it is tough to figure out the wind direction and strength in this sheltered valley. Play to the left side of the green and the ball will feed towards the hole. Par is seldom made from the greenside bunkers on the right.

Hole 17

Avoid the fescue on the left at all cost. Long drives are rewarded with a much easier approach but the fairway narrows beyond the fairway bunkers. The center of the green is always a safe play here as there are some tricky pin placements on this, the largest of Coppinwood’s greens.

Hole 18

Those brave enough to aim down the right side of the fairway, bringing the bunker complex into play, will gain valuable yards and make the approach much shorter. The safe play off the tee is to the left, leaving a flatter but longer shot. The green is well guarded and undulating so a well hit second is required. Par here is an excellent way to finish a round.