Private Coaching Services

Jon and his team of coaches will provide private coaching services to the Members. Individualized, long term, coaching packages are encouraged and these can be discussed directly with Jon and his coaching staff.

Private coaching is available from most of the professional staff, and we recommend that you consult with Jon to best service your game improvement needs. 

The “Mastery” Group

Jon and his team will once again offer the popular Mastery program, which offers a structured program for the serious players of the game.  This program runs over 4 months – from late May through September – and is designed to create exceptional training environments in which to train core skills for playing the game more effectively.  Players participate in regular practices and private coaching sessions, and also benefit from complimentary support tools, including on course play and statistical analysis.  For 2018, and to deal with increased demand, the practices for this program will be offered on our traditional Thursday mornings, as well as Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

Clinics and Immersion Camps

Jon and his team will offer structured group environments and training camps for our members. Whether it be a group of friends who would like to explore the fundamentals, or a group of serious players who would like to gain higher levels of efficiency from their training time, we are happy to design engaging programs for you.  Specific themes can be tailored to your needs, ranging from swing mechanics, mental game, short game, and everything in between.