Driving directions to Coppinwood Golf Club, 2324 4th Concession Rd., Uxbridge 

From 407 ETR:

North on York Durham Line
To Pickering Uxbridge Townline Rd {9.5 km}
East on Pickering Uxbridge Townline Rd
To 4th Concession Rd. {6 km}
North on 4th Concession Dr. {2.9 km} 

From 401:

North on Brock Rd. (Pickering)
To Webb Rd. {18.6 km}
West on Webb Rd.
To 4thConcession Rd. {1 km}
North on 4thConcession Rd. {0.7 km} 

From the North, 404:

East on Bloomington Rd. (Hwy #47)
To 4thConcession Rd. {19 km}
South on 4thConcession Rd. {5 km} 

If you are close to Highway 407, our recommendation is that you take it for the fastest travel route to Coppinwood.

Our main telephone number is 905.649.2800.